The Secrets of Love....when you know them and live them, you will potentially have the most important experience of your life....

  • Self-love and why everything changes when you are always in the love of yourself
  • Love for your partner, for your children, for the seven most important people in your life, for your spiritual sources of inspiration, for the Divine and for Mother Earth - how can you activate and upgrade these forms of love?
  • The three kinds of relationships and how to improve them: the relationship with yourself, with others and your relationship to Life/God/the Transcendental.
  • The Five Steps of Love: how to climb the evolutionary ladder on your way to Love Supreme
  • The Three Energetic Secrets of Love - frequency, permeability and space - what is the energy of your love?
  • The Seven Consciousness Secrets of Love - unconditionality, self-giving, expectationlessness, being free and giving freedom, courage, the eternal here and now, peace...... and how you can increasingly realize these qualities in your love.
  • The Essential Oils Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Acceptance, Joy, Myrtle, Myrrh, (Sacred) Frankincense, Hyssop, One Heart, Freedom, Bergamot, The Gift, Bay Laurel, (Sacred) Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Present Time, Hong Kuai, Grounding, Vetiver, Valor and Harmony can be instrumental in supporting you in this challenge - many applications of these oils will be demonstrated.

You will acquire a complete personal development and emotional wellness program with the 10 Secrets of Love, which gives you awareness and energy exercises as well as essential oil applications. Some of the exercises and applications will prove to be key to your growth in love and personal emotional harmony and the purification and opening of your heart.

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