Start the new year like never before: with the live online challenge "The 12 Essential Holy Nights" you will receive intention techniques as well as spiritual and wellness rituals to design, create and manifest the year ahead according to your calling.

  • The meaning of the 12 Holy Nights: an ancient Germanic ritual (adopted as "Twelvetide" in the Christian tradition) decoded for modern times - complete with the two days of preparation and the Three Kings Day to conclude in gratitude..
  • As country lore, the 12 Holy Nights were, according to the pauren practick, determining the weather of the twelve months ahead. By incorporating the spiritual level into the rituals and using essential oils, the 12 Essential Holy Nights act as a blueprint for spiritual creation and manifestation of the year ahead - on a wellness level as well as on a spiritual level. Many participants report being literally "carried through the year."
  • Powerful techniques and strategies to achieve harmony, peace and abundance in all areas of your life. You begin to understand the meaning of the 12 months of the year, now associated with the 12 Holy Nights, from a completely new perspective and can follow the year in a way that makes much possible for you as you step into harmony with natural laws and cosmic principles. 

What is new and revolutionary in this version of the Holy Nights ("Rauhnächte")? The inclusion of essential oils in order to deepen, strengthen and multiply the effects, that the Holy Nights rituals by themselves already have. 

  • Your membership includes your live participation in all events of the 12 Essential Holy Nights Challenge in the form of Facebook live streams.
  • Share valuable tips and insights in a Facebook group of like-minded people where you can share valuable tips and insights and exchange ideas.
  • You also get access to a separate, exclusive VIP member area, which contains all videos, audios and downloads.
  • Bonus 1: in addition to the 15 live sessions between December 21 and December 6, at the beginning of each month of the Essential Holy Nights year you will receive a special training session to get you in the spirit of the month, refresh the rituals and give you additional information. You thus invest in a year-round personality development and wellness program.
  • Bonus 2: an optional 15-minute personal live coaching with Aditya Nowotny at the end of the live sessions between December 25 and January 6 (subject to registration by e-mail to; availability on a first come, first served basis) plus at the end of the monthly sessions during the Essential Holy Nights Year - 24 slots + 24 slots.

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